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What we do 

enims is an environmental consultancy operating throughout the UK, safely and smartly, to provide a comprehensive range of environmental services. We have offices in the South and Norfolk and are an established, innovative, award-winning company, with professional, skilled and dedicated employees. We are committed to continued learning and skill development and work within industry best practice to ensure quality delivery to our colleagues, clients and communities.  


At enims, we are very versatile and have over 16 years experience in supporting clients on highways projects. 

  • Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) including vegetation clearance supervision

  • Environmental Assessments: Phase 1 and Phase 2 Protected Species surveys, including eDNA

  • Secondment Services 

  • Ecological Structural Assessments 

  • Aerial Tree Inspections 

  • Biodiversity Enhancements 

  • Ecological Method Statements 

  • Protected Species Licence Applications 

enims provides expert advice to clients to help resolve ecological constraints that factor into their project.


Further, we identify ways to incorporate biodiversity enhancements and restore any environmental losses. 

We provide the following services:

  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisals 

  • Badger Surveys 

  • Bat Surveys 

  • Bird Surveys 

  • Dormouse Surveys 

  • Reptile Surveys 

  • Great Crested Newt Surveys 

  • Otter and Water Vole Surveys 

  • Preliminary Roost Assessments 

  • Invertebrates Surveys 

  • Habitat Surveys 

  • Watching Briefs 

  • Fungi Surveys 

  • Protected Species Surveys 

  • Invasive Plant Surveys

  • Barn Owl Nesting Surveys 

Biodiversity Net Gain 

enims helps clients to achieve the highest level of biodiversity net gain possible for their project.


We have supported a number of clients, from landowners to developers, on both highways and housing projects, to recognise and incorporate biodiversity net gain into their projects.


We are able to assess the needs and demands of the site and support clients in establishing enhancements at varying parts of their project. 

Landscape Management 

enims is expert in providing landscape management for woodlands, hedgerows, wetland, waterways and grasslands. 

We provide the following Landscape Management Services:

  • Landscape Management Plan Creation and Implementation 

  • Habitat Management Plans 

  • Invasive and Injurious Weed Management Plans 

  • Ground Maintenance contract specific tendering and procurement services

  • Landscape Strategies 

  • Site Clearance Plans and Specifications 

  • Site Clearance Supervision 

Environmental Management systems 

enims is able to support clients to facilitate becoming accredited under ISO 14001.


We are able to provide full environmental management systems and manuals for a client's organisation.


We are able to assist in internal and external auditing processes and provide carbon reporting services. 



enims is an environmental and ecological consultancy who delivers a wide range of services across the UK. Since 2006, we have been using our innovative approach to minimise environmental impacts in a professional and efficient way. We enjoy working with our clients and can be relied on to deliver to the highest standard and be responsive, pragmatic and proactive in supporting project goals and outcomes. 



  • Creating a Healthy and Safe working environment and promoting well-being

  • Recruiting, Retaining and Rewarding talented, skilled and dedicated people 

  • Encouraging team engagement and clear and effective communication 

  • Building and maintaining positive collaborative relationships with clients, communities and other professionals 

  • Striving for innovation, continued improvement and solutions 

  • Investing in our people and their development 

  • Ensuring that what we offer, provides real value and benefit and is sustainable

  • Making strategic investment for sustainable growth and development 

  • Preserving, Protecting and Enhancing the natural environment 


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Pete Satchell

Managing Director 

Pete established enims Ltd in 2006. Pete's day-to-day role focuses on business development and client liaison. Pete personally aims to to ensure clients receive high quality services from enims. He firmly believes that, as an environmental company, all of the team understand the importance of excellent standard in environmental services.  Further, every member of the team should be empowered to to give more to each project, which not only includes mitigation management, but also creating opportunities for enhancement. Pete believes that being forthcoming in providing more to the client and providing environmental excellence means that enims is a sustainable company that continues to lead and grow in the environmental industry. enims demonstrates Pete's sentiments by being a multi-award winning company.  

Outside of work, Pete enjoys cycling and visiting the coast. Pete is also learning to clay pigeon shoot.  

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Helen Satchell

      Senior Manager          CIPD Associate  

Helen is Pete's youngest daughter and has been part of the enims team since 2013. Helen has a passion for people and enjoys being able to support the team in the everyday running of the business, making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Helen holds CIPD Associate Membership and has a strong background in health and well-being. Helen brings her previous experience and passion to her current role in supporting the team, ensuring that the skills set is constantly being improved and developed. Helen is a Mental Health First Aider and a Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR) Ambassador. 

Outside of work, Helen enjoys taking part in dog sport activities with her Labradors.  

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Nadia Smith 

Business Administrator Grad CIEEM 

Nadia joined the team in 2021 and her key role in enims is supporting the day-to-day running of the business. Nadia works closely with our clients to ensure their projects run smoothly and that we are always providing them with the highest quality services. Nadia also works with our team every day to support them in delivery.

Nadia is very organised and is always on-hand to make sure tasks are completed and everything is followed-up.

Nadia has a degree in Biological Sciences and has a very strong understanding of legislation and regulations relating to wildlife and environment. Outside of work, Nadia is interested in Natural History, enjoys the outdoors, painting and spending time with her two cats.   


Paula Richings 

Principal Ecologist


Paula is based in our Norfolk office. Paula has worked in the ecological consultancy sector for 10 years and holds a wealth of pragmatic experience and expertise.

Paula is proficient in undertaking targeted species surveys including bat, GCN and reptile surveys. Paula is experienced in producing habitat assessments and Ecological Impact Assessments. Paula holds a Class Licence for GCN (Level 2) and has been involved in large schemes providing mitigation for large populations of GCN. Paula holds a specific skills set in working with clients on large and major projects, ensuring compliance and enhancements are incorporated, as well as ensuring that appropriate legislation is met. Paula is a keen botanist and is enjoying developing her skills.

Outside of work, Paula enjoys going on countryside walks and is a member of Norfolk Wildlife Trust. 


Vicky Rusby 

Senior Consultant Ecologist

Associate CIEEM 

Vicky has a number of years experience in the environmental sector. Vicky holds a Class Licence for bats (Level 2) and also holds development licences for bats. Vicky holds a Class Licence for GCN and is experienced in translocation projects. Vicky has excellent report writing skills and is very capable in achieving pragmatic approaches to projects and schemes. Vicky works well with clients and local authorities to achieve the most appropriate outcomes. Vicky is a qualified First Aider at Work and trained to National Classification Level 3 to enter confined spaces. Vicky has a wealth of experience on highways and rail projects and enjoys collaborating to achieve project goals. Vicky has a keen interest in Fungi and has undertaken a number of related projects. Vicky is always updating her skills and knowledge and is currently undertaking training to a hold barn owl licence and dormouse licence, as well as a FISC Level 3 Certificate.

Outside of work, Vicky volunteers with local bat groups, fungi groups and enjoys bee-keeping. 


Natalie Boote 

Consultant Ecologist Associate CIEEM 

Natalie has worked in ecology for the past seven years. Natalie holds a Class Licence for bats (Level 2) and a Class Licence for GCN (Level 1). Natalie is currently working to obtain a rare reptiles licence. Natalie is keen on developing her skills in biodiversity and is skilled in using GIS. Natalie is very experienced in conducting preliminary appraisals and is very methodical in doing so. Natalie is excellent at communicating and works well with our clients, ensuring they are kept informed and updated. Natalie is keen to undertake barn owl licence training in the very near future and is a keen volunteer for 'all things Wildlife'.

Outside of work, Natalie is a bat carer and has cared for over 100 bats, including the very rare Alcathoe bat. Natalie enjoys the outdoors, going for bike rides with her family and picnicking.

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Romany Poole 

ECoW Ecologist 


Romany joined enims in 2021 and has fitted straight into the team. Romany has a degree in Biodiversity Conservation. Romany undertook surveys as a field ecologist prior to joining enims and is a very quick learner. Romany has gained experience undertaking ECoW supervision on a number of highways and development projects. Romany is passionate about the environment, regularly participates in beach cleans and is a member of both the Woodland Trust and Bat Conservation Trust. Romany is hoping to gain her GCN licence soon. Outside of work, Romany enjoys going for walks, yoga and scuba diving.


Georgina Rennie 

ECoW Ecologist


 Georgina joined the team in 2022 and has two degrees in Environmental Science and Marine Science. During her time at university, she completed an internship at a marine mammal centre, which she enjoyed and started to develop her identification skills. Georgina also volunteered at a local woodland where she learnt the basics of woodland management and plant identification. Georgina has experience of completing wildlife checks on construction sites and identifying protected species and also has experience in undertaking bat surveys and hopes to work towards her bat licence in the near future. Georgina will be working on ECoW highways and rail projects, and she is keen to develop her understanding in this area further. In her spare time Georgina enjoys powerlifting and weightlifting and hopes to compete in an amateur competition soon and when she is not doing that she continue to volunteer at her local woodland conservation projects.


Harley Stone 

University Student Intern Student IEMA 

Harley is our Junior Ecologist having previously been our intern from Southampton University. Harley now works with us full time and is our junior ecologist developing her skills and experience in ecological consultancy. Harley's degree was in environmental and business development so she brings many fantastic skills to enims!   Harley is interested in both the environment and business development and her new role in enims will continue to support her in her interests and understanding of these as well as building her skills in other areas of ecology. 

In her spare time, Harley enjoys nature and the countryside. Harley is also a regular concert-goer, enjoys swimming and pub quizzes.


enims Ltd


Head Office: 

Unit 28, 2 Venture Road
Southampton Science Park 


SO16 7NP 

Telephone: 0845 6440196 


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