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Bee Orchid - Relocation.

Our managing director Pete and junior ecologist Harley had the task of relocating a cluster of Bee orchids (Ophrys apifera) at the request of one of our clients near Salisbury last week.

These Orchids can be identified by a rosette of of leaves at ground level, when they flower in June/July they produce delicate pink flowers that look like wings, and furry brown middle that have yellow markings on them - just like a bee!

The bee orchid mimic the look of a bee to aid pollination - unfortunately the right bee species no longer lives in the UK to pollinate- so the flower has become self pollinating.

It is really important that we preserve this native wildflower as much as possible as habitat destruction in the past has meant a decline of these wildflowers.

Pete and Harley successfully moved 12 clusters of this beautiful orchid to an area they assessed to be suitable with appropriate shade and low level risk of getting trampled on by any passers by!

We look forward to seeing them thrive in their new habitat while our client can rest easy knowing the ecology and environment of their project is being successfully managed by the Enims team.

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