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Bat Surveyors needed!

We are Hiring!

Do you love Bats? Are you passionate about ecology?

The upcoming bat survey season is fast approaching and we would love for you to join us on the surveys we have booked in.

This position would ideally suit a student or someone who is looking to enhance their skills and knowledge of bats and ecology within a small and friendly team.

We are keen to offer the right candidates the support and training they need to fulfil this role –

we will have training days before the survey season starts and throughout the season to enhance your knowledge skills.

Bat Surveys need to be done within the months of April – September for the following reasons;

April; The bats are coming out of hibernation and are hungry!

May; Bats are fully active and female bats are actively looking for a nursery site.

June; This is usually the month that the young are born, female bats usually o give birth to one single bat – Adult bats will be catching thousands of insect each night to ensure they produce enough milk to feed their young.

July; Female bats continue to suckle their young – although some are now getting large and can be found on the ground as they start to learn to fly.

August; Around this time the young bats are starting to catch insects for themselves and moving around more freely.

September; This is the optimum breeding month where the male bats use a variety of calls to attract their female mates.

October; the bats are starting to build up their fat reserves for the upcoming winter season and getting ready to find suitable hibernation sites.

November; November is the beginning of hibernation for the bats where they should not be disturbed.

Bats are most active between the hours of dawn and dusk, this is when our surveys will take place so be prepared to work unsociable hours.

Our ideal candidate must have access to a car and hold a full UK driving licence to enable them to get into our office at the Southampton Science Park in Chilworth, where you will be met by a member of our enims team. We will all travel together to the survey site in one of our fleet vehicles and then return back at the end of the survey. From the point of meeting at our office and the point of return is approx. 4 hours – on occasion if we have to travel further to access the survey site this may be slightly longer.

You will get the opportunity to have the flexibility to choose which dates you work throughout the season but we would like you to be able to commit to several surveys over the season – this is not only a great opportunity for you to gain valuable skills but also the opportunity for us to pass on our knowledge to you also.

If you are interested in applying and finding out more about this exciting opportunity then please fill out the form here -

We look forward to hearing from you!

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