enims has many years experience in providing ecological support to our clients in house. We have been resident ecologist for our client on the M3 SMART motorway, which provided timely and cost effective support to our client on all matter which related to the environment. We were able to assess and pre-empt ecological constraints which provided a much more efficient way of forecasting for a project we were able to support the design team, provide tool box talks and give the environmental team the expertise to remain compliant and therefore confident in the delivery of their scheme. We currently provide in house ecology support for our clients in many different areas and by doing so we enhance their ability to obtain and secure ecological expertise straight away. With enims pragmatic approach, we are usually able to manage and assess constraints in such a way that any disruption to the delivery of our clients highways schemes are minimal and they remain lawful and compliant. Furthermore, we also are able to support our client to enhance the biodiversity on their schemes and in doing so make their schemes better for them and the natural environment. With a seconded member of the team in house, enims is able to support our client wider, as our seconded team member is able to call on the specialist we have available within our team on any given area. This is something which is unique to enims and makes having a seconded person in our clients team completely invaluable.


If you feel you could benefit from our support, either in house of just as part of a call off period give us a ring today on 08456440196