• Matthew Bayliss

Helen Satchell Completes Mental Health First Aider Training

enims continues to be proud of the time to change pledged we signed and stands firm on its commitment to eliminate mental health discrimination in the workplace. This week we further cemented our commitment to supporting our staff and putting their wellbeing first by completing the Mental Health First Aiders course alongside MHFA England. We’re proud to announce that Helen Satchell, Senior and HR Manager, has completed the course and is now a qualified Mental Health First Aider.

Helen has received training on spotting the signs of mental ill-health, the impact it can have on a person and how to support them. The course also covered topics such as spotting the signs of drugs and alcohol dependence, anxiety, depression and eating disorders. Helen has already worked tirelessly to ensure that enims staff know they will be supported with any mental health challenges and now has a qualification to certify her ability to aid and back staff at their time of need.

enims take mental wellbeing very seriously and want to kick start the conversation about mental health in the workplace, asking a colleague if they’re okay can make a huge difference.

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