• Matthew Bayliss

Kier SHE Decade of Delivery

On Friday the 17th of August enims were invited to attend the Kier Area 3 Decade of Delivery SHE day at Winchester rugby club. The event was a resounding success with a variety of stalls each with fun games and challenges with plenty of prizes to be won.

The enims stands featured 'guess the species' games with some interesting prizes; those successful in guessing the correct species were awarded a packet of wildflowers seeds. Each packet contained enough seeds to sough a meter squared of wildflowers. Contestants had the option to either keep the seeds for their own garden or to donate them to the Area 3 biodiversity enhancement scheme which aims to promote biodiversity in maintenance depots across the area.

We'd like to thank the Kier SHE team for kindly inviting us a long and a big thank you to everyone who came to our stand, had a chat with us and had a go at our games and especially thank you to those who decided to donate their seeds to promoting biodiversity in Area 3!