enims News 

                        enims launch new website for 2022 

After many years of our previous website, we have now got a new website for our clients and potential new clients to view!!

 We found that the previous one was no longer fit for service and that you would end up in a bit of a rabbit hole when navigating it! So here is our new and shiny website. We hope everyone finds this much better to use and please feel free to share any comments by dropping us a line on our contact form or by clicking our email. 

                        enims Annual Health, Safety, Wellbeing and Environment Month is launched - January 2022 

We are now in our 8th year of our Health, Safety, Wellbeing and Environment month. This is something we provide in house to our team to highlight many different topics and areas of Health, Safety, Wellbeing and Environment. This is a month long campaign where information, resources and guidance is provided to the team. The whole team get involved in this event and will be carrying out activities and being involved in team events to gain awareness and understanding on a wealth of topics under the umbrella of Health, Safety, Wellbeing and Environment. 
Take a look on our social media pages for more information.