Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Mental Health

At enims we take the health and safety of our staff very seriously and this includes mental health. One in three UK adults will experience mental heath problems within their lifetime and we feel it is essential that we provide our staff with the best possible support.


In 2018 we signed the time to change pledge vowing to put an end to workplace mental health discrimination.  Since then Helen Satchell became a Mental Health First Aider with MHFA England and is a point of contact within enims for anyone who's concerned about, or is experiencing, a mental health issue or emotional distress, and is trained to be able to spot the first signs of someone suffering from mental ill health. Helen will give initial support through non-judgmental listening and guidance, and is able to signpost the employee to the appropriate help if required.

Manage your mental health at work

  • Talk about your feelings

  • Keep active

  • Drink sensibly

  • Eat well

  • Ask for help

  • Accept who you are

  • Care for others


Seek help from your GP if you have difficult feelings that are:


  • Stopping you from getting on with life

  • Having a big impact on the people you live or work with

  • Affecting your mood over several weeks

  • Causing you to have thoughts of suicide

Supporting others in the workplace

Actively listen. You can do this with eye contact, unless this makes the person uncomfortable and use open body language e.g don't cross your arms. Respond appropriately to what they say, even if this is just nodding and repeating what they say to ensure you've got it right: it shows that you have been paying attention. 

Don't make the person feel judged or as though they have shocked you. Also the person may not necessarily be looking for advice so be mindful not to give unsolicited advice.