Landscape Management

enims Ltd are experts in providing landscape management for woodlands, hedgerows, wetlands, waterways and grasslands through a program of landscape management plans.

At enims Ltd we can provide the following Landscape Management services;

  • Landscape Management Plan Creation and Implementation

  • Habitat Management Plans

  • Invasive & Injurious Weed Management Plans

  • Ground Maintenance Contract Specific, Procurement, Tendering & Supervision

  • Landscape Strategies

  • Site Clearance Plans and Specification

  • Site Clearance Supervision


Landscape Management Plans

A landscape management plan outlines recommendations and methodologies for creating or managing habitats.  These plans provide details on a full planting specification that selects suitable tree species and quantity based on site specific requirements or objectives of local biodiversity action plans. A plan will provide recommendations to create a specific type of habitat such as wildflower meadows, broadleaved woodlands or manage waterway habitats such as riparian habitat. These plans could be specifically related to a habitat or general landscape management. All management plans are realistic, achievable and will summarise maintenance schedules for long term management.


Habitat Management Plan


The habitat management plan will use maps to be incorporated with biodiversity action plans to achieve biodiversity ‘net gain’ targets. At enims Ltd we combine our own biodiversity strategy to these plans to allow all biodiversity targets benefit; ecosystem services, living landscapes, landscaping and community engagement. The maps are produced using our new geographical information system and achieves a high standard of mapping.

Invasive & Injurious Weed Management Plans

An invasive and injurious weed management plan is offered by enims Ltd to assess the extent of invasive weeds within your site and decide on suitable treatment measures and methods to manage these weeds. We can provide advice to control schedule 9 species listed under the Wildlife Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) including;

  • Japanese Knotweed

  • Himalayan Balsm

  • Rhododendron

  • Giant Hogweed

  • Parrots feather

  • Cotoneaster

  • New Zealand Pygmyweed

  • Parrots feather

  • Floating Pennywort

  • Water Fern


This is achieved by producing constraints maps showing the current distribution of invasive species on-site and  setting out measurable objectives for a project to eradicate the invasive and injurious weeds on-site.

Ground Maintenance Contract Specific, Procurement, Tendering & Supervision

enims Ltd can produce contract timescales and tendering outlining the cost of maintenance for delivering the targets set within a landscape or habitat management plan.

Landscape Strategies

enims Ltd offer strategies that classify the landscape into units and a baseline description of landscape character. This strategy will incorporate a landscape character assessment and an impact assessment to assess the impact of a development on the surrounding landscape. This is achieved by analysing the landscape sensitivity and vulnerability to change for each environmental feature to make sure the strategy is a fully comprehensive assessment of the landscape. A landscape strategy will provide key recommendations to achieve a positive landscape change in all projects.

Site Clearance Plans, Specification and Supervision

A method statement and drawings can be produced by enims Ltd to inform on-site personnel of the techniques, specifications and locations of work. enims Ltd can provide a team of competent ecologists that can supervise and manage the works to comply with legislation or adhere to a methodology outlined within a method statement.