Ecological Appraisals

For any development which may require planning permission from your local planning authority (LPA), the LPA need to fully consider the likely ecological impacts of the proposed works.

The following key pieces of nature conservation legislation are relevant to these appraisals.

• The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations, 2017 (as amended) (commonly referred to as the Habitats Regulations)

• Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended)

• Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006


Initial appraisals of a site are the starting point for any proposed development as this allows you to understand what ecology is likely present on-site, and the likelihood of any constraints and impacts. Local authorities must satisfy themselves before awarding planning permission that the biodiversity, locally and wider will not be affected by the proposed works. Often local authorities will not consider any application for a development without first having an overview of the ecological status of the-site with a comprehensive report provided by a suitably qualified ecologist.

Ecological Assessments, Preliminary Ecological Appraisals, Ecological Constraints and Opportunity Assessments (Phase 1) are all intended to provide an understanding of the ecology on site and will provide further information of what steps may need to be taken in order to enhance and protect species and the ecology within the development site. Often the first ecological appraisal will provide information on what, if any, biodiversity will be affected by proposed plans for the site, and will provide information on any enhancements which can be made. Following the ecological appraisal, further targeted species surveys (Phase 2 surveys) may be required to understand how specific species are utilising the site and what specific mitigation can be implemented to protect and where possible provide opportunities to enhance biodiversity.


When you call enims for a quote for an ecological appraisal we will ask you for details of your development proposals so that we can provide you with advice and a quotation which incorporates all aspects of your development.

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