enims ltd provides a range of advice and assessment services for managing trees and woodlands through a program of Arboricultural services.

At enims Ltd we can provide the following Arboricultural services;

  • Tree Inspection Survey and Constraints Report (BS 5837)

  • Tree Condition Reports

  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment Reports

  • Arboricultural Method Statements and Tree Protection Order Assessments

  • Pest & Disease Identification and Management

  • Non-Invasive / Invasive Decay Detection

  • Tree Work Supervision

  • Mitigation Planting Plan


Tree Inspection Survey and Tree Constraints Report and Plans

A Tree Inspection Survey and Constraints Report (BS 5837) inspects the value and condition of trees on-site. Any constraints are assessed using plans produced by AUTOCAD, outlining any trees to be removed and assessing the impacts from construction works to root protection zones. This type of plan allows developers to decide on which trees to be removed or retained.

Tree Condition Report

This service can be incorporated into a tree inspection report or produced as a stand-alone service. This report assesses the condition of trees on-site and the constraints associated with trees in poor condition.

Non-Invasive / Invasive Decay Detection

This service allows you to have a greater certainty about the internal structural condition of trees within a site. These techniques can identify if minor tree work is required or prevent unnecessary tree work and retaining trees for longer. Invasive Decay detection uses specialist instruments such as the IML RESI-PD400 to monitor decay within a tree to inform tree condition reports. A tree inspection survey is used as a non-invasive technique to assess the condition of a tree and this inspection identifies any indication of decay such as Beefsteak fungus indicating Brown rot. These decay detection methods will put your mind at ease and make sure all trees on-site are in good condition for health and safety.


Arboricultural Impact Assessment

This assessment outlines future impacts to trees and root protection orders associated with a development and decides on suitable mitigation measures and justification for tree work.


Pest & Disease Identification and Management Report

This service can be linked to an Arboricultural impact assessment but can be a stand-alone service.

Identification of pests and disease such as Dutch elm disease and Ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (prev. Chalara fraxinea), is essential to conserving tree species and maintaining the health and safety of trees. enims Ltd provides experts in advising site specific control and management of diseases based on current research.

Arboricultural Method Statement and Tree Protection Order Assessments

This report outlines a detailed methodology to plan the works around tree protection zones and prevent non-compliance with tree protection orders. This service uses GIS maps with a method statement outlining the constraints of the work and provides a list of mitigation methods to resolve constraints to tree protection orders such as providing protective fencing and ground protection.


Tree Work Supervision

All enims Ltd staff are skilled in resolving on-site constraints associated with tree protection orders (TPO) to make sure your work protects trees with TPOs. This includes implementing exclusion zones to retain the crown and roots of these trees.


Mitigation Tree Planting Plan

At enims Ltd we can design tree planting plans for biodiversity enhancement projects. A team of experts can produce plans using a range of softwares such as AUTOCAD and QGIS.