Over the last 10 years, ENIMS has been involved in over 100 multi-use housing developments throughout the UK. Our extensive experience comes from working with a wide variety of developers to meet their exacting requirements.

Our early involvement with projects has allowed us to support new developments which meet our clients’ needs whilst ensuring their legal compliance relating to the natural environment.

Projects have included:

A fifty town house development in Leatherhead, Surrey. Consultancy covered the pre-development as well as on-site support during the building phase, right the way through to monitoring of protected species.

Eco-town development in Norfolk. This project will be a 4000 unit development providing mixed use community living space including housing, schools and recreational spaces. Whilst still in the design stage, this is an ex-US Government air base and is expected to be a flagship development of how to integrate brown field and bio- diversity enhancement. Health and well being is a high priority to preserve the natural environment and ENIMS involvement has been to ensure whilst remaining compliant with current legislation. We retain many of the value habitats and features.

Case Studies

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