Biosecurity at the HE & Kier Supply Chain Community Workshop

Biosecurity at the HE & Kier Supply Chain Community Workshop

The issue of biosecurity is about preventing the spread of biological or ecological threats such as diseases and invasive species. Poor biosecurity controls pose a significant risk within the industries of construction and the highways, and a lack of proper precautions can lead to huge costs further down the line to remediate impacts.

We were given the opportunity to present on 'Biosecurity and the Highways' at the bi-annual Area 3 Supply Chain Community Workshop, attended by representatives from Highways England, Kier, and all members of the Area 3 supply chain.

Examples of notable cases involving Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam, Signal Crayfish and Ash Dieback were given, along with the impacts and costs that other organisations had previously needed to deal with. Links to more information are provided below:

Non-Native Species Secretariat, which has further information on biosecurity and prevention, as well as e-learning moules and training links.

Forestry Commission, with regional guidance, recommended biosecurity products, and Government policies.

Many thanks go to Kier for another successful workshop, a slideshow of photos from the day has kindly been provided here.

Photo: members of the Area 3 supply chain line up at the end of the day for a group photo