How does it work?

enims has developed an Environmental Management System (EMS) platform which is simply installed into your business procedures without the onerous, intrusive and costly consultant visits to your company. Because of its simplicity the e-EMS is both easy to install and use.  enims has developed just 3 installation stages:

Stage 1: Complete a simple enquiry form. 

A form detailing what sector and area of business you are in, how many people you have within the business and the number of sites and offices in your control. A few questions on waste and energy and that is it, press send and we will reply back to you within 3 working days to take you through the next easy stage, Simple!

Stage 2: Complete the site visit. 

We will conduct a single focused site visit to your office and or sites to complete a Gap Assessment, a simple review of your business' environmental needs and likely environmental impacts. We identify what you are already doing well and what or where the opportunities to improve may reside.  From this assessment we will understand how the e-EMS can support your business improvements relating to energy efficiencies or waste management.  This collected information is then sent to the enims team to analyse and form your environmental system.

Stage 3 Produce and install e-EMS system.

Using information collected from the submitted forms and site visit, the enims teams will analyse and develop an automated EMS manual which will be simply installed into your business remotely, via our innovative software.

Your e-EMS system comes with a 12 month service agreement,providing your business with advice and support on efficient and effective environmental management. This service agreement includes remote management of your system, data analysis, impact reduction and staff training.  

The value of the e-EMS is more than the cost effective installation of a system that meets the standard of ISO 14001-2015, it gives you an Environmental Manager on call to support your environmental business needs; remotely.

For a free trial and to receive a tariff of costs, please contact Ross Baird at or phone 0845 644 0196.

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How does it work?

For more information about e-EMS or to book a demonstration,
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